History of the Mistrealm Server

April, 1999
The initial site was created a group of cross-linked free pages on various internet hosts, including Angelfire, Geocities, and others.
December, 2000
The web server came into being in late 2000, running Windows 2000, and was hosted at ICX.NET.

The decision to use Windows over Unix was fairly simple, as I was programming ASP and HTML pages at the time for Durocom.

The original concept was creating a web store to sell Dungeons and Dragons books online at a discount. The business model did not have much margin, and in the end, due to supplier problems, it proved unworkable.
January, 2003
The web server was moved to Netsters in-house data center, and hosted there until Netster was bought by Ireit.
May, 2006
The web server was rebuilt as a rack-mounted computer running Windows 2003 server, and moved to Digital Crossings data center. This data center contains some very impressive technology, I love the building and the thought that went into the data center design. Unfortunately, all things must end, and relocation happens.
September, 2009
The web server was moved to a Comcast business line. The computer fans generated tremendous amounts of noise outside of the data center environment, and the server was rebuilt as a mini-tower. Unfortunately the transfer was not smooth, and after experiencing registry corruption, the server was rebuilt with a fresh installation of Windows 2003 Server.
May, 2012
The primary hard drive of the Windows 2003 server failed in a spectacular manner. The server webs were rebuilt under Windows 7. It turns out, Windows 7 is a perfectly suitable operating system for running low to medium traffic websites.
September, 2020
Mistrealm is up to 4,481,635 hits.